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Tel:024 7660 4488
Tel:024 7660 4488
Wholesale provider of premium produce to retailers, caterers, wholesalers and the food industry

Coventry Fruit & Vegetables Ltd is a wholesaler of premium produce
to retailers, caterers and the food industry.

Here are several reasons why we’re worth a visit.

This is the most important quality in what we sell and what you want for your customers.

For example some of the potatoes we stock were still
in the soil only 24 hours before they arrived in our warehouse.

We’re competitive with the other wholesale markets in the region. We want you to prosper.

We have all the fruit and vegetables you’d expect from the staples to the exotic.

But now we’ve added frozen produce and groceries.

Each member of our team started in the food business at least 30 years ago in the Barras Heath Wholesale Market. They were formerly employed by John Bird who recently retired. We are delighted that they have joined our team. Therefore, we could say that we’ve seen it, done it and got the T-shirt – well, some nice CFV sweatshirts.

We know our onions (at least 4 types always in stock) ….and lettuce, cabbages, apples, grapes etc……

Location (location, location)
We’re in Coventry, about 500 metres from Henley College.

Finally….. We listen
We’d welcome any suggestions to improve the quality of our service.

If you would like us to source anything, we’d be glad to try.